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Summer Clean Beauty Must Haves

I have a LOT of favourite products. It’s obvious if you know me! Anything safer always catches my attention! BUT I have specific products I LOVE to use during the summer months!

Let’s start with this amazing company called Wolf & Pine – found right in my hometown Lively, Ontario. This babe makes SOME amazing products. My FAVE being her dry shampoo. I’ve made my own & used quite a few safer ones. This one is BY far my fave and a TOTAL must have. I have LONG hair & only wash once a week! If there is one thing I love most about her – it’s the way she describes her products and names them! SO real and amazing! Sloppy Head – Dry Shampoo for greasy f*cks

Shop it HERE

Here are the deets:

Life's too short to waste it on cumbersome tasks like showering before work. This dry shampoo will make you fine in half the time. Maybe you can marry rich and end this whole morning routine thing once and for all. Crafted with horsetail and rosemary to promote hair thickness.

Help your lazy ass sop up the greasies while nourishing your scalp. Made with herbal compounds and minerals to promote hair growth and thickness. Great for adding volume to hair naturally.

Next up, safer sunscreen. THIS is a must. Using a non-nano ZINC based sunscreen is your safest bet! Our faves are the Beautycounter mist and facial stick! The mist goes on white and rubs in clear. SO, you can see where you’ve put it on! Perfect for littles! SPF 30 is what we use, it’s said to protect 97% of UV rays. SPF 50 is said to protect 1% more against UV rays. I’ve been using this sunscreen for the last 3 years (prior to that I made my own) and when applied properly (every 2 hours), we never have an issue! The thing with sunscreen is the label may make the product look safe. Our regulations don’t protect us from greenwashing (when a product is marketed safe, but ingredients say otherwise) Some top ingredients to stay away from in toxic sunscreens :

☀️ Oxybenzone - acts like estrogen in the body and is associated with endometriosis in women!

☀️ Propylene Glycol – a known strong skin irritant, known to inhibit skin cell growth and damage cell membranes

☀️ PEG’s – usually associated with a number after the word. It’s the process of how PEG’s are made that is scary! They are found to contain measurable amounts of ethylene oxide & 1,4-dioxane. BOTH known carcinogens. Carcinogens have direct links to cancer! SCARY!

The following ingredients have been linked to coral bleaching – imagine what they do to your body L

☀️ Butylparaben - Preservative ingredient shown to cause coral bleaching.

☀️ Octinoxate (Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) - Sunscreen ingredient shown to cause coral bleaching.

☀️ 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (4MBC) - Sunscreen ingredient shown to cause coral bleaching. Allowed in Europe and Canada, not in USA or Japan.

You can get a safer sunscreen HERE

Non-Nano Zinc Sunscreens are DRYING for your skin. It’s the sacrifice we make for safer! SO next up is exfoliate that skin & lather up in some hydrating lotion!

I spent years making my own sugar scrubs, but NOTHING compares to the Beautycounter sugar scrub. I could almost go without a lotion after I get out of the shower, my skin feels amazing!

While brown sugar buffs away dull skin, hydrating sweet almond, apricot kernel, and sunflower oils and mineral-rich evening primrose leave skin looking supple and smooth. Lastly, a blend of pure citrus and lemongrass oils leaves a fresh and invigorating scent.

Want to add it to your cart? Do it HERE

Buff away the dry/dead skin and then apply a lotion that HYDRATES! Our Countermatch Adaptive Body Moisturizer is exactly that – ADAPTIVE, giving your skin what it needs to stay hydrated all day long! I’ve never found a lotion that I love SO MUCH and keeps my skin hydrated. Apply it when your body is still slightly damp and it doesn’t leave a residue like most lotions do! ADD TO CART

My LAST summer must have is Beautycounter’s Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. With an SPF 20, I apply this every morning! (We spend a LOT of time outside during the summer and I want to ensure my skin is protected) It gives me right amount of hydration that it doesn’t feel oily or thick! Which was a huge seller for me! The peony root extract & Vitamin C help brighten while leaving the skin looking radiant. YES PLEASE! You want that summer GLOW? THIS is it! Add a highlighter and you’ve got the perfect summer glow! I use Light Skin Tones during the summer months! Shop it HERE

OK last must have. The heat tends to suck the life out of our skin. SO replenish it with something you won’t ever regret purchasing! Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence! It will be the most hydrating skincare product you ever purchase! It boosts nutrients to the skin’s moisture barrier INSTANTLY boosting hydration. Main ingredient our Retinatural Complex – Bakuchoil (comparable to an unsafe ingredient Retinol, which has harmful side effects) Also contains sea water & fermented sugars (which have been shown to slow the effects of aging by optimizing hydration – YES PLEASE)

This addition to your skincare regime will be a game changer!

Add to cart HERE

Here they are! My summer MUST haves! IF you need help with any of them, please reach out on Facebook!

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