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My journey…. Essential Oils to Beautycounter

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I never worried about ingredients in the products I used, heck I never worried about ingredients in the food I ate!

It wasn’t until Adisen was born 10 years ago that I started paying attention. She had sensitive skin, as did I. I didn’t think much about it. We started making changes to our laundry routine. Using a laundry ball for washing and skipping dryer sheets. Her sensitive skin continued and eczema was high. Steroid creams were offered but I didn’t bite. I started purchasing products that said natural and organic! I was safe!

Along came Tate and he was worse off than Adi was. He would itch and scratch and bleed. So, more changes came about. I started researching about Essential Oils and wanted to make some serious changes. I signed up to be a Wellness Advocate. It was new, exciting and I planned on having an amazing business! I didn’t expect people to be so closed minded to clean living!

I didn’t care ( I never really have cared what people thought of me, lol ) All my friends and family thought I was crazy. I mean, TOM thought I was crazy. Called me a witch doctor. I had an oil for everything! I shared my passion with switching to safer over and over. People started paying attention. I was gaining traction! People were listening!

I handed out oils like they were free. I had everyone I knew trying them. THEY finally believed me. I didn’t sound crazy anymore. They were helping & working for them! I was still considered a witch doctor and my business grew! Naturally Spoiled Momma! That was the name of my business. I started making products. Lots of them. Everything we used was homemade, using essential oils. I was going to start a business selling these items. People wanted them!

What I didn’t realize was… how much work it was. With 2 littles ones at home I could still kind of manage. Working full time, coming home, taking care of my littles & making all sorts of products on the side. I was making soaps, deodorant, charcoal bars, scrubs, body butters and rollerballs with oil blends to sell. PLUS all the other homemade products we used at home. Body washes, cleaners, dishwasher detergent & laundry booster, to name a few! Then I became pregnant with Daxton.

I stopped making products to sell. I had done a few markets and loved it! Dax came and I kicked it back up while being on mat leave. Doing markets and bringing him with me! Making all sorts of products and thinking it may turn into a real business. Oh, my oil business? Lacked. No one wanted to sign up and do what I was doing. It was life sucking and so time consuming. Plus, if you joined for the discount, you had to order EVERY SINGLE MONTH and that didn’t appeal to people. A bottle of oils, if used daily could last 9 months easy! But I was going at it hard. Still couldn’t develop a paycheck that brought me joy! So, I continued making products. Time sucking, with 3 children.

A friend from high school had sent me Beautycounter. I knew that NO company out there was transparent in listing ingredients and were as clean as they said they were. I had heard it all before. THIS time I was educated, or thought I was. Late one night. I was cleaning out my inbox and saw what she had sent me. I will never forget that night. 2am sitting at my desk going through the entire website. They were legit. They talked about ingredients, why they didn’t use certain ingredient. I tooth and nailed that company. I made Tom watch THIS VIDEO

He looked at me and said… yeah it sounds like YOU on your soap box (this is what he said every time I explained to people about the ingredients in their products) It was me. Except this voice was louder. It carried more impact. I signed up.

The rest is kind of history! I quit my full-time job 3 months later. The words that went down that day, have been my main source of inspiration over the last 4 years. Good luck selling makeup! I’ll never forget it! 4 YEARS ago, I quit my job to work my Beautycounter business full time. 4 YEARS ago, I made a choice to advocate for safer. For YOU, ME, OUR CHILDREN & Families! I’ve never regretted my decision for a signle second, to be home with my children. I have a stable business that provides a stable income. Something I never had “selling” oils.

Let’s get REAL. Here are the main differences between the two businesses and why I dropped the oil business. An MLM (selling oils, multi-level marketing) and Direct Sales (Beautycounter)

Oils requires you to have customers set up on a monthly auto-ship. In order to be paid, so many people need to be signed up and ordering a certain amount monthly. Direct Sales – you get paid on what you sell, no minimum and no requirement, no certain number of clients. MLM requires you to build legs of the business a certain way, tiered, all on a monthly auto-ship of the required amount. This is required to be paid. Direct Sales, still requires you to build a leg of a certain amount but all sales towards it count, no tiers and no auto-ships. You get paid on the amounts sold. Plain and simple.

I didn’t learn most of this until I had quit selling oils. I knew that I was required to “build” legs of the business and everyone was required to order monthly. But it was difficult to keep up with it all. I had the hardest time asking people to place an order for me to collect a pay check.

Beautycounter brought me freedom. I no longer needed to make all my own products. They provided safe products that I could earn an income with. Educating those I love on safer, high performing products that, let’s face it….make you skin look amazing! I will say that I still use essential oils daily! I love oils and will never give them up. I still make quite a few things with them too! The business aspect of pushing people to order monthly, was not for me. Not when what they are using takes forever to go through and I’m not a huge pusher of using 100 different oils in a day. Our bodies don’t require it and oils are so very potent! Do your research!

If you’d like to know more about the business opportunity with Beautycounter… click here (this will take you to the join my team page)

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