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Be less Judgy

Can we please STOP judging each other?

Being a Mom is HARD. Making choices that we believe are the best for our family, can come at a cost. A cost of being judged by someone on social media. Is it really anyone’s business about the choices you make for your children? NOPE. Sure isn’t! You can have your own opinion all you want, but keep it to yourself! COVID has made this SO much worse. It needs to stop!

I’m sure so many of you can relate and to those that can’t, amazing, I wish I was in your position! I have 3 children and am pregnant with our 4th (keep those comments to yourself too – we chose to have 4 children and have spent the last 3 ½ years attempting to have our 4th – you can ready about our journey here) “Distance Learning” has been difficult to say the least! Having 3 children, in 3 different grades who all need attention at the same time, is slowly driving me insane. I skip days of “school” We spend time outside instead. We watch TV and overuse screen time.

Go ahead, in your head, judge. That’s right, in YOUR HEAD. Stop giving people crap on social media for the choices they make. For the things they don’t do. That you do. For the things you don’t agree with. There are better things in life to focus on.

I breastfed Adisen till she was 12 months, giving her formula when I wasn’t with her (because I went back to work early) Tate I don’t think ever had a bottle besides that of breastmilk that I pumped, even after I went back to work. Daxton never even had a bottle, ever, just nursed till he was over 2 years old. THIS was my choice. The sleepless nights I complained about, again my choice. BUT so many people would read this, and judge. WHY?

I’ve read so many posts on Facebook lately where people are judged for the decision they make to avoid a COVID vaccine. AGAIN, another choice. This one is so controversial and I honestly don’t even want to get into it, but here we go! The wonderful part about living in Canada is our freedom. If we aren’t careful, it will be taken away. EVERYONE should have the CHOICE to make decisions for themselves and their family. Don’t agree with their choice. WHY would anyone want that taken away? Mandatory vaccines – taking that choice away. All the talks of mico-chips & trackers on your phone. LOOK at what is happening. It isn’t a conspiracy. It’s our HUMAN RIGHTS being taken away. The US is already mandating all sorts of craziness. We do NOT want any part of that.

We need to understand that when we judge each other for the choices we make, it starts crazy bullshit like I just mentioned. Too many people think that what THEY believe is right. I know this all started out a Mom’s judging Mom’s.. and that’s a huge part of it. Mom’s are always doing what they believe is best for their child. There is NOTHING wrong with that. Stop judging. Allow each family to make the choice for their children.

This post didn’t really go where I thought it would, but one I started writing, it just came out! Don’t agree with me, that’s cool. I don’t care what you think. This is my opinion. I don’t judge you, so don’t judge me. There are many times I’ve shared my thoughts with a close friend, but I would never attack someone on Facebook. Especially a mom, who is legit trying her best.

The whole reason this blog came about, was how turned off I was about someone commenting about how children shouldn’t be allowed in stores during COVID. I have plenty of friends who’s husbands work long hours, or out of town. I know plenty of single mom’s with zero support. Heck if this was July or August, Tom would be working 16 hour days and I’d be that single mom, with 4 children. What would I do if I needed to go to Costco? I’d take my children. I don’t have anyone to watch my children. The response was she was a single mother once too. During a pandemic? I think not. STOP FREAKING JUDGING PEOPLE. We are all doing the best we can.

I do me, you do YOU. Stop focusing on each other’s lives and live your BEST life! Before you are too quick to comment next time about how Karen shouldn’t be doing what she is doing… think back to reading this and applaud her for the decision she made. You may not agree with it, but who cares. Spread joy.

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