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8 weeks and counting...

I want to firstly start with, I’m in a great space. Tom is very supportive, helping whenever he is home. I may get very little sleep, but I nap. I am eating well and still managing to maintain my house with the help of the big kids ( and my Mom & Aunt who visited for a week)

IF you are EVER in a position where you need help. ASK. Reach out to me on social media or tell SOMEONE. I know that lot of people can end up with postpartum depression or worse. I’m very lucky I am a seasoned Mom and can try all the things. If you are a first time Mom, I hope some of these tips will help.

Colic. I’m not sure I ever really understood what the word meant. A crying baby. Sure, all babies cry. Some more than others. But a crying baby that NO matter what you do, can’t be soothed easily. THAT my friends is colic. AKA Holt. Literally if he is awake. He’s crying. The only thing to do is get him to sleep. Which is a feat in itself.

All of my kids had a cry fest for a few hours a night, witching hour is usually what it’s referred to as. Adisen was first thing in the am. Tate was 8-10pm and Dax.. dinner time. This wasn’t colic. This was just an adjustment period. Holt is going on 8 weeks this Friday and this is the FIRST week he isn’t crying non-stop. We’ve gotten some smiles and it makes my heart so happy. He still cries. Often. But it is noticeably less.

I never needed all these tips when I had my big kids. The boys I wrapped in a woven wrap and they would soothe. Holt.. sometimes loves it, sometimes hates it. Colic is usually related to gas issues. SO our journey & all the things we've tried. I even tried things I would normally never use. Like Ovol (do some research on the ingredients)

  1. Chiropractic care. Find a good one. One that deals with babies.

We know and trust Dr. Doni at Vita Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

These babies come into the world SO quickly (Holt did lol) that their little bodies need some help adjusting to normal. We went for one round of treatment and then took a break, but we'll be going back as a family soon!

2. Meet with a certified Lactation Consultant (if nursing) to check for lip and tongue ties. Holt has mild ones, but they do not affect his latch. So we decided to not touch them. BURP that baby. A LOT. If I don't burp him, its pure hell watching him kick and squirm. Pushing his legs in and out like this picture has also helped a TON.

3. Sleep upright. This is hard... trust me. I've been doing it for almost 8 weeks. His head needs to stay elevated and laying flat on his back makes it so much worse. YES I tried him on his tummy too (yah'll YOU slept on your tummy, so don't come at me) Making sure he is upright after his night feedings is key to a less gassy day. Keeping him upright as much as possible during the day helps too!

4. Babywearing. This is my main go to. I wrap him a few times a day so I can get things done. It's really the only way! I also have a structured carrier that I use often. I wore all my babies, so this is very natural to me. He basically lives on me and I'm totally ok with it!

5. I will always hunt for natural remedies. OBVIOUSLY my first go to was oils. With a tiny baby there are only certain oils that should be used AND they should always be heavily diluted. They didn't help. GET that baby on a probiotic. BioGaia works amazing for us! I give him 2 drops in the am when we get up and then 3 drops before bed. It works and I'm not messing with it!

My Chiropractor suggested Orange Naturals! I was already giving him the vitamin d drops from them, so I was very familiar with the company! Yah'll these are game changing! I give them to him 3 times and day and let me tell you, if I skip it. I PAY for it. He's in so much dang pain. LASTLY Cocyntal. I purchased this at our local health food store. When he is screaming and nothing helps... I crack one of these and give them to him. It's almost like instant relief.

These are all the things that have helped us. Know that this is a phase. It won't last forever. You'll see smiles and get giggles one day. Power through and when you need to put the baby in his/her crib and walk away. DO THAT. If you need help, ASK. You aren't in this alone. I'm here. At all hours of the day or night. It's hard. I now understand it. To all those Momma's that have been through colic baby days. THANK YOU for reaching out on social media and talking to me about it. Checking in to make sure I'm ok. I appreciate it, always.

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