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When I joined Beautycounter 4 years ago, I didn’t know where it would take me. But I did know WHY I was doing it. 


I wanted to be part of something. Something that gave me value for myself. I had worked the same job for so long and was under appreciated. I was STUCK! I needed to be a part of something that was making a difference in the world. This was it. It was the larger voice I was missing! You know, so I didn’t sound crazy with all my toxin talk! When you join a company like this, you do it for a reason. If you are considering it, what is your reason? 


So many people make impulse decisions to sign up with a company and end up doing nothing, or aren’t committed to working that business! Find something that brings you JOY! Something that you are passionate about. THEN commit! ASK all the questions before you do too! Find a mentor that works the business – someone you can connect to! That relationship will be everything! 


I know, for a fact, that I want my children to grow up in a world that is as safe as possible. I don’t want them to have to check every product they want to use (like we need to do now) I want my one-day grandchildren to be part of a world where they won’t be required to check every label. I want to be around for all of it. TO see change, happen and be a part of it. This is WHY I joined this movement. When I saw how transparent the company was, I knew it was where I needed to be. Clearly, I was right ;) 4 years later, here I am, still being a voice & making change! 


Being a part of something so big and amazing, is eye opening. It makes you realize exactly how change happens in this world. Many voices standing together, saying the same thing. The products we use daily impact our health. We need to stand up. The more voices we have the louder we sound (and the less crazy lol) 


We aren’t just selling lipstick. I mean we are, lead free & free from other contaminants (and a DAMN good lipstick at that) But we’re pushing for change. All of our voices together! We stand as one and advocate. You can be a part of that. You can be a voice added to our movement, making us strong & united. Last year our CEO Gregg Renfrew was asked to testify before congress. There is no other clean beauty brand being asked to testify before Congress. We’re doing something right! 


Ingredient safety is something you learn. Whether you are well educated on cutting toxins OR you are brand new to it, don’t let that discourage you from starting a clean beauty business! You join because you want to learn and be a part of the change. It’s a journey that SO many people join specifically to learn more and lead a more non-toxic lifestyle. Already know your stuff? Join us and be a strong voice! You don’t need to “know it all” to do this. Trust me. I used a moisturizer & barely wore makeup! Look at me now! FULL skincare regime that I can’t live without and a makeup routine so quick I can get it done in a few minutes!

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One thing I didn’t realize would come with this business was friendships & community. I’ve met women all over the US & Canada that I’ve connected to, chat with on a regular basis & overall just love! Some of my best friends have grown from this community! I never imagined that I would gain such amazing friends who are basically now family! Our team has monthly meetings and we cheer each other on ALL month long, aiming and achieving our goals! It’s truly the community I was missing when I worked my past job. I didn’t have that connect with everyone I worked with, probably because I was the boss LOL If you need a community of women who constantly have your back. We’re it! 


A company that advocates to Congress & Parliament is standing up to make a difference. It isn’t for show. We are the only company doing this! Do you want to be a part of change? Want to see change happen during our lifetime? I do.…. Join me!  


Now for the details! 


When I joined Beautycounter we didn’t have as many amazing products and I went ALL IN! I spent $1500 and had earned it back within 2 months. YES! We can come up with an action plan to earn back your investment! This is something we can discuss by phone before you sign! To book a phone call click HERE to send me an email


Start a Clean Beauty Business for $98 – this provides you with your personal Beautycounter Website in Canada & USA. You will also receive access to all the online tools needed to run your business online! Don’t worry – I’ll set you up to launch online! 


Products are next! You can’t sell something you don’t have or have used! You can be like me and invest in ALL the top sellers 

(which is what I normally suggest) We have some amazing packages that show these off! They will help you with drop offs, video’s, getting to know and use the products and HELP you sell them! 


Let’s work within your budget to find out which products you can start with! 


Are you ready to get started? 


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